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Luke Lazarus Takes Startup Marketing to the Next Level

When most people hear about Wall Street and startup tycoons, they think of a dog-eat-dog world where only the fittest survive. In such a competitive environment, it can be challenging to get help with starting a new company. A few notable individuals have stepped away from this cutthroat environment to help other startups achieve their own success stories. Luke Lazarus may have made his name as an innovative entrepreneur, but he is now spending his time working with other startups and innovators.

Luke Lazarus Helps Startups Reach Their Potential

While Lazarus is known for his consulting work today, he did not begin his career as a business consultant. Years ago, his business success actually started when he was just a child. He was only 8 years old when he began his first business. After this early success, he went on to achieve top grades in high school. He also excelled in scholastic sports.

Following his early academic, athletic and entrepreneurial achievements, Lazarus had to choose between top colleges from across the world. While he was recruited by Ivy League schools, Lazarus decided to stay within Melbourne for his university education. He ended up graduating from the Melbourne Business School with his master’s degree in business administration.

Lazarus may have achieved exceptional things in the academic world, but he wanted to return to his first true love and his greatest passion in life. As soon as he graduated from school, Lazarus began creating startup companies. He spent the next decade building four different businesses that he sold for a significant, stunning profit. By the time he was 35 years old, Lazarus no longer had to work for money. He could continue to create world-class companies if he wanted to. Lazarus could also choose to retire and live out the rest of his life on an island somewhere. Instead, he decided to start an entirely different path in his career.


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